Bkg Refs on Behavior Analysis and Public Policy - Social Concerns

Current societal concerns: Introduction.

Robert P. Hawkins, Brandon F. Greene, and Wayne Fuqua.

Research Articles

The effects of a sportsmanship curriculum intervention on generalized positive social behavior of urban elementary school students.

Tom Sharpe, Marty Brown, and Kim Crider.

Child abuse and neglect by parents with disabilities: A tale of two families.

Brandon F. Greene, K. Renee Norman, Mariana S. Searle, Monica Daniels, and Roger C. Lubeck.

Direct assessment of quality of care in a geriatric nursing home.

Bridget A. Shore, Dorothea C. Lerman, Richard G. Smith, Brian A. Iwata, and Iser G. DeLeon.

Using public feedback to increase contributions to a multipurpose senior center.

Nick C. Jackson and R. Mark Mathews.

Home access modifications: effects on community visits by people with physical disabilities.

Glen W. White, Adrienne Paine-Andrews, R. Mark Mathews, and Stephen B. Fawcett.


Effect of dispenser location on taking free condoms in an outpatient cocaine abuse treatment clinic.

Danielle R. Carrigan, Kimberly C. Kirby, and Douglas B. Marlowe.

Discussion Articles and Commentaries

Preventing antisocial behavior in the schools.

G. Roy Mayer.

Translating what we know about the context of antisocial behavior into a lower prevalence of such behavior..

Anthony Biglan.

Eliminating the battering of women by men: Some considerations for behavior analysis.

David L. Myers

On advancing behavior analysis in the treatment and prevention of battering: Commentary on Myers

Lizette Peterson and Karen Calhoun.