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Bkgd Refs on Behavior Analysis and Public Policy - APP -Clinical disorders

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Ayllon, T. & Azrin, N. (1968). The Token Economy: A

Motivational System for Therapy and Rehabilitation. Prentice


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Introduction to the Special Section on Clinical Behavior Analysis.

Douglas W Woods, Raymond G Miltenberger, and James E Carr.

Research Articles

Contextual Control of Delay Discounting by Pathological Gamblers

Mark R Dixon, Eric A Jacobs, and Scott Sanders.

Treating Bedtime Resistance with the Bedtime Pass: A Systematic Replication and Component Analysis with 3-Year-Olds.

Kurt A Freeman.

Establishing the Feasibility of Direct Observation in the Assessment of Tics in Children with Chronic Tic Disorders.

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An Evaluation of the Effectiveness of Exposure and Response Prevention on Repetitive Behaviors Associated with Tourette’s Syndrome.

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Shaping Approach Responses as Intervention for Specific Phobia in a Child with Autism.

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Stimulus Fading and Differential Reinforcement for the Treatment of Needle Phobia in a Youth with Autism.

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The Effects of Fixed-Time Reinforcement Schedules on Problem Behavior of Children with Emotional and Behavioral Disorders in a Day-Treatment Classroom Setting.

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Reducing Skin Picking via Competing Activities.

Kathleen Lynne Lane, Ada Thompson, Cara L Reske, Lauren M Gable, and Sally Barton-Arwood.

The Effect of Contingent Reinforcement on Target Variables in Outpatient Psychotherapy for Depression: A Successful and Unsuccessful Case Using Functional Analytic Psychotherapy.

Jonathan W Kanter, Sara J Landes, Andrew M Busch, Laura C Rusch, Keri R Brown, David E Baruch, and Gareth I Holman.

Staff-Administered Functional Analysis and Treatment of Aggression by an Elder with Dementia.

Jonathan C Baker, Gregory P Hanley, and R Mark Mathews.

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