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Bkgd Refs on Behavior Analysis and Public Policy - Translational

Page history last edited by Regina Claypool-Frey 11 years, 6 months ago

Neuringer, A. (2004). Reinforced variability in animals and

people. American Psychologist, 59, 891-906.


Petry, N. M. (2001). Pathological gamblers, with and without

substance use disorders, discount delayed rewards at high rates.

Journal of Abnormal Psychology, 110, 482-487.


From the laboratory to community application: translational research in behavior analysis.

Dorothea C Lerman.

Discussion Article

Dynamic changes in reinforcer effectiveness: theoretical, methodological, and practical implications for applied research.

Eric S Murphy, Frances K McSweeney, Richard G Smith, and Jennifer J McComas.

Research Articles

Persistence of stereotypic behavior: examining the effects of external reinforcers.

William H Ahearn, Kathy M Clark, Nicole C Gardenier, Bo In Chung, and William V Dube.

Delay discounting by pathological gamblers.

Mark R Dixon, Janice Marley, and Eric A Jacobs.

Social antecedents of children's eyewtness testimony a single-subject experimental analysis.

Karla J Doepke, Angela L Henderson, and Thomas S Critchfield.

A half century of scalloping in the work habits of the United States Congress.

Thomas S Critchfield, Rebecca Haley, Benjamin Sabo, Jorie Colbert, and Georgette Macropoulis.

Delayed matching to two-picture samples by individuals with and without disabilities: an analysis of the role of naming.

Stanley J Gutowski and Robert Stromer.

Effects of exemplar training in exclusion responding on auditory-visual discrimination tasks with children with autism.

Deborah Carr.

Effects of reinforcer consumption and magnitude on response rates during noncontingent reinforcement.

Eileen M Roscoe, Brian A Iwata, and Melissa S Rand.

A multiple-schedule evaluation of immediate and subsequent effects of fixed-time food presentation on automatically maintained mouthing.

Jason N Simmons, Richard G Smith, and Lana Kliethermes.

Training parents to implement pediatric feeding protocols.

Michael M Mueller, Cathleen C Piazza, James W Moore, Michael E Kelley, Stephanie A Bethke, Angela E Pruett, Amanda J Oberdorff, and Stacy A Layer.

Translating multiple assessment techniques into an intervention selection model for classrooms.

Michael M Mueller, Ron P Edwards, and Dana Trahant.

An outcome management program for extending advances in choice research into choice opportunities for supported workers with severe multiple disabilities.

Dennis H Reid, Carolyn W Green, and Marsha B Parsons.

The effects of noncontingent access to food on the rate of object mouthing across three settings.

Henry S Roane, Markell L Kelly, and Wayne W Fisher.

Improving student bus-riding behavior through a whole-school intervention.

Robert F Putnam, Marcie W Handler, Christina M Ramirez-Platt, and James K Luiselli.

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